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its been a while...

its been quite some time since i posted something... a year to be more precise (though thats not that percise... give or take a few days....) .... anyway. since this is more of an anonymous livejournal, i can say what i want right? thats one of the reasons why i made one of these in the first place, so i can talk to people, people i dont know, but at teh same time be honest to strangers. its a really wierd concept, but hey, whatever works right? :]

ok, so recently i sent in an audition to sm entertainmnet. this has been teh third time already, and im really hoping that i get in, cause i know that after this time, if i dont get in, the chances of be being a singer are zero to none. and this is my dream too, no matter how embarassing to say it out loud. but strangely enuogh, the only person who i told this about is my mom. of all teh people.. haha. oh well. its good to tell someone. :]

im really rambling to no one right now, but i just feel like writing it. this is a bit mushy and cheesy, but i think that the chance to audtion has been one of the best things thats happened to me. not necessarily the actual auditioning part, or prospect of being accepted to sm, (well that too.. but thats not what im exactly talking about haha.) its taht for the first itme, when i decided to audition, i started praying more, reading the bible more, and generally getting closer to GOD. i know, its corny, etc etc, but i find consolation that, even if i dont make it in, at least it wasnt completely pointless. but i really do want to make it in. T__T never wanted something worldly in my life T__T 

hm.. i think thats all for now. i will try to keep this as updated as i can. :] god bless, and happy new year!! :D


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