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a strange introduction {untitled fanfic}

part one...

"welcome to the guro district located in seoul, south korea. the name of the district is derived from the legend of eight old men who enjoyed longevity in the district. many dismissed these tales as silly fancy that bored old men chattered over a bottles of sojo and cheap wine.

the time is the present, but such legends live on, but unbeknown to the people of the district. the eight old men are long dead, longevity is long life, not eternal life, but their ancesters still live on: eight young people, who are the ancestors of these eight old men: they age slower than others, appearance wise, and live to great numbers in comparison to their normal friends. not many know this secret: some call them 'late bloomers' or just plain lucky, but others know better.

not all knew the truth behind these eight, not all family knew, but some did. another thing that set these eight apart: they all had a gift. a small gift, nothing like telekenesis or that of superheroes: no these gifts were quite different. gifts like a human lie detector and a mind reader. gifts that wouldn't alter the world, just making it easier for them to get along in their elongated lives. eight gifts, eight people: this is their story."

NOTE this is my first fanfic.. er if i can even call it that really. itwas inspired by he comic series fruits basket, but the rest is pretty much out of my head. :]
i mainly came up with this idea in hopes of turning it into a proboards rp site, but i lack in the graphics area, and so i decided to write a fanfic instead, in hopes that someone would take interest :^___^


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