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its been a while...

its been quite some time since i posted something... a year to be more precise (though thats not that percise... give or take a few days....) .... anyway. since this is more of an anonymous livejournal, i can say what i want right? thats one of the reasons why i made one of these in the first place, so i can talk to people, people i dont know, but at teh same time be honest to strangers. its a really wierd concept, but hey, whatever works right? :]

ok, so recently i sent in an audition to sm entertainmnet. this has been teh third time already, and im really hoping that i get in, cause i know that after this time, if i dont get in, the chances of be being a singer are zero to none. and this is my dream too, no matter how embarassing to say it out loud. but strangely enuogh, the only person who i told this about is my mom. of all teh people.. haha. oh well. its good to tell someone. :]

im really rambling to no one right now, but i just feel like writing it. this is a bit mushy and cheesy, but i think that the chance to audtion has been one of the best things thats happened to me. not necessarily the actual auditioning part, or prospect of being accepted to sm, (well that too.. but thats not what im exactly talking about haha.) its taht for the first itme, when i decided to audition, i started praying more, reading the bible more, and generally getting closer to GOD. i know, its corny, etc etc, but i find consolation that, even if i dont make it in, at least it wasnt completely pointless. but i really do want to make it in. T__T never wanted something worldly in my life T__T 

hm.. i think thats all for now. i will try to keep this as updated as i can. :] god bless, and happy new year!! :D


ok, so i love my parents sooo much.
yesterday, we didnt go to church cause it was snowing and stuff. ya know. WINTER.
anyway, my parents said that my sister and i could open our birthday presents early.
we didnt even know they had gotten us stuff.. but anyway, we went up teh three and there were two presents there:
one for me and one for my sister. the big one was mine and the little one was my sisters.
she opened her first of course {little brat. -__--;} and then i opened mnine:::::
ok, this si a big deal cause im a junio in high shcool and i sooo need this computer {tho my mom got it for me when i go off to college} and not a week ago, my normal old desktop computre broke down from old age {RIP computer. :P} so apparently, it broke down just in time, but a little too early. lol. apparently my parents had kept this computer hidden in their room for two months now. *shrugs* 

i thought id just share that with you guys ^__^ i am so overfilled with joy right now >.<


play my music {untitled fanfic}

part two...

baikun yon walked into a recording room, where about a dozen or so college students were bustling about, papers in hand, armed with wires and the like. a darker faced girl looked up at his arrival. she looked younger than him, and was wearing a  professional looking headset over her ears. the girl checked her watch quickly and then looked up at baikun with wide eyes, "what are you doing? you were suposed to be here half an hour ago! we're on in ten minutes!" she retorted fiercely before being bustled away by a frantic intern.

baikun smiled. he was always late, sujin should know that by now, besides, the university radio station had been doing much better since he had come along. besides, sujin was the cutest when she was mad. he watched the sophomore bustle away, handing a paper bag to the young intern, who was at this point hyperventilating. the junior dj walked up to his position in front of a hanging mic, not at all seeming concerned with the bustle and confusion around him. a shy looking girl shuffled up to his position as he put on his headset. he paused to look at her, flashing her a dazzling smile. she seemed to melt for a minute and then thrust a small packet into his arms.

he didnt even bother taking them, just looked down at the paper and asked nonchalantly, "what's this?" she sputtered, and replied, "it.. it's the script for today's show," she said, daring a look into baikun's face. baikun smiled, and then pushed the paper gently away, to the girl's astonishment. she must be new around here. "i don't need it. i memorized it already." the truth was, he had just glanced at it this morning before he had left his dorm. the girl looked at him in awe for a moment and then bustled away.

the tall korean boy leaned back in his chair and looked through the assortment ofpossible music choices for the day on his desk, chuckling to himself. it was good to be one of the eight: and to be gifted with photographic memory. it was a good thing to have when it came to tests and scripts. in truth, he wasn't really that book smart, he just knew how to memorize, that was what had made him so so called 'smart.' baikun chuckled again, dropping his head to hide his amusement, if only the others in this very room knew how he remembered everything so clearly: they wouldn't believe him for one thing: for another, they would be extremely jealous of him, if they weren't already.

"we're on it five!" sujin's voice called out throughout the recording room. baikun looked up at the sound of her voice and watched her silently. she was only a sophomore and already she had beaten out numerous juniors and seniors for the position of head of the university radio station: a position that many had wanted. and there was no doubt as to why she got it: she was smart, meticulous, and a perfectionist (not to mention that it sometimes made her somewhat of a prick, but a cute prick). indeed, her darker complexian made her stand out, and she had earned the position, depending on her skills rather than on the gifts of an old legend.

baikun was pulled from such thoughts when the 'on air' light blinked, signalling that it was almost time that his voice would resonate throughoutt he campus halls and radios. he smiled, this was what he liked best: right here in the recording room as a dj. sujin was soon at the front, ont eh other side of the soundproof room, holding up five fingers, then four, three, two, one.

"good morning mah-yuk university! this is baikun yon, on 146 AM!"

- end -

note i know that korean names are written last name first and then the first ame, but for simplicity's sake im writing it first name first. :] thanks.

to read the first part/intro, go (here)


by the way..

im new here, so i might as welll introduce myself. (which is what i should have done first. haha...)
im a south korean who lives in the usa. :D i am obsessed with anything korean and love writing.
i spend most of my time in teh computer (patheticc T__T), watching kdramas, roleplaying on proboards,
and surfing livejournal. that last is a hopeful new tradition. :] since im new, i dont really know how livejournal
works, so if anyone would like to give me some pointers and such, then i would much appreciate it.
thanks :]    miyun

a strange introduction {untitled fanfic}

part one...

"welcome to the guro district located in seoul, south korea. the name of the district is derived from the legend of eight old men who enjoyed longevity in the district. many dismissed these tales as silly fancy that bored old men chattered over a bottles of sojo and cheap wine.

the time is the present, but such legends live on, but unbeknown to the people of the district. the eight old men are long dead, longevity is long life, not eternal life, but their ancesters still live on: eight young people, who are the ancestors of these eight old men: they age slower than others, appearance wise, and live to great numbers in comparison to their normal friends. not many know this secret: some call them 'late bloomers' or just plain lucky, but others know better.

not all knew the truth behind these eight, not all family knew, but some did. another thing that set these eight apart: they all had a gift. a small gift, nothing like telekenesis or that of superheroes: no these gifts were quite different. gifts like a human lie detector and a mind reader. gifts that wouldn't alter the world, just making it easier for them to get along in their elongated lives. eight gifts, eight people: this is their story."

NOTE this is my first fanfic.. er if i can even call it that really. itwas inspired by he comic series fruits basket, but the rest is pretty much out of my head. :]
i mainly came up with this idea in hopes of turning it into a proboards rp site, but i lack in the graphics area, and so i decided to write a fanfic instead, in hopes that someone would take interest :^___^



ahhh, so. i finally logged on in foreever since i made my lj, and am actually writing in it.
EUREKA!  but all things considered, i dont really know what to talk about.
ah yes, school. the rents (or at least my mother) has decided to put her foot down
and make me study. (what else is new) too bad she doesnt know im on livejounral
instead!! muhahahaha. im such a rebel. :D oh dear, gotta be sneaky bout this tho.

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